Meet the Founder of XPOZA

Zaja, the Art Plug

Born and raised in NC, Zaja is an 28 year-old artist, who expresses herself in multiple forms. She makes jewelry (including earrings, waist beads, and body harnesses), specializes in producing art on clothing via paint/ screen print design, and of course creating and curating canvas art (prints/canvas prints). She also enjoys writing, and is currently working on a fictional short story, called 'Yhagazie Gets Caught Up. Her book is currently available for pre-order, now through October 25th at HALF PRICE. 

Inspiration for XPOZA comes many from Zaja's life experiences, lessons learned, newly found wisdom, nature, melanin, femininity, and other artists/influencers. The purpose of XPOZA is to share my creative expression with the world, connect with other like-spirited brands/entrepreneurs, and build a network of inspiration and support. 

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